After all these years…   5 comments

Yeah I totally stole that title from a Legend of Korra episode.




If you are reading this, and did not hear




We (Snowyowl, Dani, Spike) are currently in the process of tracking down as many old members from this website as we can to organize a chat reunion (which people have asked for forever) in celebration of the upcoming 10-year anniversary.


If you see this, please, stop by this chat:


We could really use your help tracking down more people, and it would be nice to catch up.


Make sure to also leave contact info below (email would be best).





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5 responses to “After all these years…

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  1. hey guys its log… miss the old days. would be nice to talk. xat chat isnt working for me :/ i guess my life got pretty fucked up a couple years after i quit CP but thankfully it’s back in one piece now. i’ll try to get in contact with you guys. god bless. Log

    • Hey Log, I remember that we had a tumultuous relationship in the old days but I’d love to get back in contact with you if you are willing.

  2. I visited the chat but there was no one there. If any of you are still rocking this stuff, don’t hesitate to hit me up.

  3. Hey guys! It looks like the chats are rather dead but I still get notifications for aim if you want to summon me for anything lol.

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