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So, I’ve done a lot of thinking about this site recently, my memories of it. And I came to the realization: the 10 year anniversary of its creation is coming up next January.

I dont know if that seems as jarring to anyone else, but an entire decade has passed.

And that got me thinking further – we are the first generation with the ability to revisit these things whenever we want.

Because our generation was the internet generation, we can find traces of our activities dating back to age 12.

And its strange.

It feels like it was so long ago, and you gotta wonder where some of these people are now, what they are up to.

So – a bit of a request to anyone who sees this (at any point) –

I’d like you to leave a comment, because I think it would be interesting.

Who are you now, vs who you were back when this all went down (2007-2010)?

What are you up to now? Whats your job, major, etc.

I think it would be interesting, after all these years, to see what happened to people.




Danielle/Db Penguin:

Hey guys. So maybe this will be like a little reunion if people see this. I would have liked to come back here all cool and impress you guys with my amazing life, like in the movies when the former nerd shows up to the high school reunion and everyone is like ohh shit because the nerd became super hot. And the former cool guy who was mean to the nerd is all bald and divorced. But I’m still lame. And bald. Hopefully you guys are leading less depressing lives though so tell us about it.


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10 responses to “A Walk Through Childhood

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  1. Wow, um. Hi. A couple of years ago I stumbled back across this and followed it incase some one posted.

    This was such a huge part of my childhood. I remember sitting in school all day anxious to get home and talk to you guys. It was almost like an escape as weird as that sounds.

    To answer your question: I am well. I’m 19, currently living in Atlanta and trying to figure out my life like we all are I’m sure. I’m currently pursuing a career in music, which is cool, but scary for obvious reasons.

    Personally I’ve changed so much since then. I think during the CPAF years I was rather insecure, and I was for a while afterward too.. Around 14 I discovered guitar and that cracked the ice because it was the first “cool” thing I was into. But what shattered the ice was my move away from my hometown of 16 years. I was kind of forced to be social and it stuck haha.

    I actually think of you guys very often. I’m super thankful for the good times because they got me through a lot. I’m so not opposed to opening another chat up just so we can all catchup.. Assuming anyone else sees this. 😛

    • Ayyyyy, glad to hear youre doing well.

      Yeah, I dunno about opening another chat – I guess it depends how many people actually see this. I dont think a lot of people check this site much anymore, I only take a look at it every few months or so.

  2. Hey Gabe it’s Dani. I remember you bro. That is really cool that you are doing music. I realized recently that it really doesn’t matter whether you’re “successful” in the conventional sense (read: being rich), but what matters is that you do something you genuinely like and that you agree with morally. I saw this quote awhile ago that sticks in my mind: “Talent and income are unrelated – money is not the reward of talent and hard work. Self satisfaction is the goal.” Unfortunately I’m a marketing major so I’m not exactly living up to that, but hopefully I figure things out. Not saying you’re going to be poor or anything by the way, it’s just that everyone gets scared that if they do what they like they’ll end up destitute and homeless, which is kind of unrealistic and a trap. Anyway the point is, considering all the time you spend doing it, it’s REALLY important that you like what you do for a living.

    Anyway thats the end of my lecture. But yeah, I was the same way, in middle school and everything, I’d wait the whole day, I barely talked to anyone, I was just waiting to get home and talk to you guys. You guys were the only ones I felt sort of liked and respected by, I was invisible everywhere else, too socially anxious to be myself around anyone including my family. I’ve changed a lot too, just as you get older, one does that, but at the same time I’ve hardly changed at all. To be honest I don’t think about this place much because I try to be unsentimental about the past (I used to wish I could go back to the past a lot and then I realized it kind of wastes the present – working on doing the whole live in the present moment thing) but it is pretty mind-bending to think about how much time has passed and how everything is so different from back then. My life used to revolve around this place, and I thought it always would, and now it doesn’t. Odd, right? Anyway, we should get a chat up at some point for sure, especially if we can round everybody up, everyone is sort of scattered, a lot of people don’t check the site anymore so were the only stragglers at the moment. We’d have to stalk them hard core to get them to show up lol.

  3. Lmao holy shit. I just checked this because clubpenguin came up with a friend.

    I’m just working full time as a drafter and in college working towards a robotics engineering degree…

    My life isn’t too interesting but I’d be down to join a chat with y’all again. Probably not Xat but something like it.. dunno? Let me know.

  4. Robotics engineering! Holy crap.

    Also… CHAT: http://xat.com/CPAFReunion

    Xat is cheesy as ever but it’s all I know. ):

  5. Hey guys its Wil, or Incredbel. Wow. Reading everyone’s comments has put things in perspective for me. It’s funny how life works, because we were all in the same boat growing up, and it’s still kinda the same now. In the past we couldn’t wait to get back home and come online, now it’s more less trying to figure life out, as Dani and Gabe put it.

    For me, things are working itself out. I’m attending college, held a Banquet Waiter position for 2 years, had other On Campus jobs and currently trying to figure out my passion. However, I’d be glad to link up with everyone again. Keep me posted. Hope everyone’s doing well!

  6. Hey Wil! Good to hear from you bro. Come to xat.com/CpafReunion when you get spare time, we’ve been hanging out there for a few days. We don’t have an exact date for a reunion yet but playing it by ear.

  7. hey guys. it’s log. i ended up addicted to painkillers for a good 5 years. ended with heroin so yeah. that was until about a year ago i got clean. thankfully i got out alive man. ha, i was kind of a hermit back in the CP days. i’m currently studying pharmacology and working as a farmhand in kansas. i walked around the country for a while a few years ago on acid or shrooms weed whatever was out there. you learn some good lessons walkin the country. hope everone is doing well. this is like a time machine.

  8. Who are you now, vs who you were back when this all went down (2007-2010)?

    I was an emo kid who wanted to learn japanese but eventually fell out of it. Wanted to be liked everywhere and didn’t really fit anywhere exactly. Now adays I’m an Airman and 21 years old who has his life and career finalized and is making progress on myself.

    What are you up to now? Whats your job, major, etc.

    I’m not sure if anyone still comes here but It’s been awhile. I remember when this used to be my life along with all of you. Currently I joined the real Air Force, working Intelligence and I am about to put on E4 and I’m living in Texas these days.


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