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  1. Got an email notification that there was a post.. Can’t help but miss these times. Hope everyone is well

  2. It’s great to see the real creator of air force returning.

  3. Same here, Gabe. It’s crazy looking back at all this…I really hope everyone’s doing alright. Believe it or not, you guys were a big part of my childhood. It’d be cool to reconnect in a chat one day.

  4. Welcome back Db.

  5. Holy crap my childhood. Glad to see you guys doing well.

  6. Man what a childhood trip This site is. Hope everyone is okay and prospering in their life 🙂

  7. being an adult has its perks and all but I’ll never forget the days I spent on CP giggling my ass off. thanks for the memories, CPAF. It’s been two years since I visited this site. Each time it hits me harder. Rock on guys.

  8. Hey guys just thinking bout old times.. Thought I’d leave a comment

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