Surprises, Confusion & Memories…   9 comments

Ok let’s clear some things up…I didn’t leave or quit purposely…many of u r probably saying “he left…he quit!”…I didn’t…I had a it fixed…crashed again (gotta love P.C right?)…I finally got a mac for Christmas so no more crashes lol. Second thing is I have noo idea what the new websites are…The only sites I know are the 33509chat.wordpress and….which are almost inactive. The only chat box I know is the xat 33509 (andd I’m prettty sure thats not the main chat).  Ok and the green day lyrics are about wishing the past was back into the present…but heres something from an unknown poet…

Great Times from the Past are Gone

New Memories Are Bound to Come

But When at a Beach, Always Look at the Water Infront of You

Because The Sand  is Renewing

Let me explain that..You can recreate new memories and great times…but you have to stop looking into the past, you have to stay with the present and future, to add on to that past of great times. Because just as a beach renews its sand, you remake and add  on to your memories. Youth lasts through memories. Memories are made by you. You make your memories every day.


(ik this sites now for all to see what was and how CPAF is gone but not forgotten..but I just had to say that I’m not you can erase this because it has nothing to do with cpaf lol)

p.s…happy new years and Could soome1 leave a comment on what the new chat nd website is??

Posted December 31, 2009 by gamemastor in 1356

9 responses to “Surprises, Confusion & Memories…

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  1. DUDE! Do you know where I can talk to you guys? And Dani? I miss you guys! :<

  2. Oh yeah and if you wanna contact me my emails is

  3. Game and spike email me I’ll let you guys know what’s going on


  5. ?

  6. i r log. i r god.

    UPA Head General .Agentxd350 ( Log )
  7. =( What happened to the community?

  8. Oh it is on the xat.

  9. RPF is manager now

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