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CPAF was established February 2007


“I want to apologize to all of you who i insulted and been mean to in the past. i really didnt stay there for the army. i stayed for the people that was in it. just like how i stay here now. I am hoping that eventually everyone will come back but i know they wont.

i will probably forget about all of this eventually. all i can wish is that you all wont. we wasnt the biggest army in clubpenguin. we wasnt the best. we didnt win the most wars. but we had friend ship within the army. unlike most armies.” 123log


“Dani” Db Penguin

“Game” Gamemastor96

“Cody” Aang777

“Noah” Fishguitar11

“Jon” Jonnyboy43

“Sean” Snowprince13

“Chad” The Hunter45


Bacon Rulez

“John” Snowyowl




“Not just some piece of firewood” 123log

“Will” Akash13

“Jay” Gagdon




“Chao” Zombiedude18

“Jen” Soccerjl

“Izzy” Ooojj2

“Gabe” GTBK

“Anime” Leaf Monkey

“Jack” Agent923



“Wil” Incredbel







Aqua Neos99

Xavier Z



Posted July 1, 2009 by dani in 1356

34 responses to “Hall of Fame

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  1. my slogan..ha..: have a good life you guys. live it to the fullest , remember these words though ” a man chooses, a slave obeys”
    i am iron log
    goodbye cpaf. so many greatmemories… great times.
    remember log

    UPA Head General .Agentxd350 ( Log )
  2. It was fun… *cries*

    *not really*

    Chaodude18... I'm not logged in...
  3. i was agent in pic btw

    UPA Head General .Agentxd350 ( Log )
  4. I love that final photo and I wan’t to be there in the CPAF. Can I join? I am a good snowball machine-gunner! I am member of the FACP (Força Aérea do Club Penguin) in Portugal. ButI wan’t real battles! I can be a Anti-Air unit and Anti-Ground unit at the same time? Plz!!!


    • Dude CPAF is shut down. All thats left is Coff trying to leech off our success and make a “new” CPAF which is a load of bull

  5. XD

  6. It was real, and it was fun, but it wasn’t real fun.

    I’ve been waiting like, three years to pull that line.

  7. Good memories and bad ones, uhhhh i dont have a dramatic line so….OWL POWA! lol

  8. Long time iv been on here in a wile. Good times.


  9. c u all. rip cpaf

  10. you made it look like every one died :s

  11. wow haven’t seen this place in forever. just want to wish all the cpaf veterans good luck with their future

  12. So this is it? No new leaders? It all endws because Dani retired? I mean, we got lots of comments already. Coff tried to start CPAF over, but failed. I will try to rebuild CPAF once again.

  13. yo slim dont even try it man

  14. I like to visit this site cuz its what CP armies are all about. Kids getting together making friends and working for a common cause. Having fun, working through problems and belonging to a proud group. I am sad to see CPAF stop. But I am glad to see a memorial of the good times a group of friends had and grew together until one by one they moved on with their lives. This makes me want to find my group and hope it is as good as it was for the proud soldiers who served with the CPAF.

  15. Aww its so sad

  16. I left CP forever.

  17. I really miss you guys. If you’re reading this, ANY of you, please try to IM me every now and then.

  18. To whoever it was that brought up us never surrendering;

    We did not give up, we did not surrender, we did not quit. It got old. It got tiring, time-consuming, and to a point, pointless. It brought us all together, and there are memories I will never forget.

    But it was time to end it. And so we did.

    To the one who spoke of us disbanding because of Dani;
    You know what? Maybe we did disband CPAF because of her. But it’s not CPAF without Dani leading it. I tried during the summer, and it fell. John tried, and he got overthrown. CPAF is not CPAF without Dani at the lead. But at the core, we disbanded CPAF because it got old.

    CPAF. Gone, not forgotten. Still unfailing.

  19. I’m bored and all I can think to do is to post here. So’s anybody around?

    • Hi, Dani. I’m around.
      Anyone who’s still here, please, please go to the chat. I’ll miss you guys.

      Anyway, if this is goodbye,

      I want to thank you guys. It’s been a totally awesome run. I’ll miss you all.

      But I don’t want it to be goodbye.

  20. im still here! everyone stay on 33509. We WILL be there when dani comes back. Or email me ctc799@gmail.com

    please guys. keep together.

  21. Yeah. We can’t fall apart, yo ;.;

  22. Hey, anyone ever think of copying the code from the photo album site and making it a page here?

  23. Hoo-ah!

  24. Jon :’D

    Don’t leave guys. Plz.

    • hey cody! just thought id stop by and say ill never 4 get all u guys! we are getting older but that doesnt mean were too old for computer games like club penguin! so u guys should get on sumtime 😀 at my high school im on it all the time and people make fun of me but still its awesome and btw tooty says hi. so just sayin hey :]

  25. Thanks,
    and others I’m don’t care to call apon at this time.
    You guys( well most of you)were kind friends to me and always made me laugh and somehow get extreamly angry, I miss cpaf , cp and whatever bs you want to create in order to bring back the memories. Face it guys, were not that little anymore, CP had some great users and many more to come(hopefully). CAn’t wait till next time…. oh yeah thats it…. well I hope we can still stay in touch, well, you guys becasue this is like my first time on this site in what 2 years now. Anyway it has been a nice time and I hope the best for whatever you plan to do.. well,not really….

    Jay~~Benja Ha~~what ever you want to call me now
  26. Come back CPAF you guys where great maybe you guys can save club penguin armies from falling. Bring back war to cp.

  27. wait….JAY WAS BENJA HA!?!? why was i not informed of this? I GAVE HIM A LOW RANK IN MY ARMY lol

  28. Lol, my name is actually Jay but what ever …..

  29. Hey guys my summer is in like 34 days so i will be on chat more so yeah i will b on tmorrow and will try and get noah on too. damn i still remember the good ol days.

    UPA Head General .Agentxd350 ( Log )

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