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I’d like to say good-bye to all of my friends from over the years. This is getting too much for me, and I’m getting too old. I don’t like coming on and being told off by 11 and 12 year olds. It’s just not right. The CPAF is gone for good, and the CPAF was the only reason I ever came on.

Some people only care about numbers. And as a result, are too narrow-minded to see what’s happening. I estimate the army will fail in about 2-3 months.

So I’ll say my good-byes to these people, who I always liked through the years.

Cody – you’ve been a great friend.

John and Veno – thanks for sticking with me.

Chad (even though he won’t read this) – you were my best friend on the chat.

Jon – thanks for everything.


I won’t be on chat anymore, in case I get tempted to stay forever. And I want this good-bye to be our last. Even after 3 years, in the end, I don’t think many of you will understand my leaving.

Coff – You’re a mother fucking douche bag, and you don’t deserve to be talkling to any of these great people. Many would agree with me.

I wish this could have gone better, I would have liked having some “online” people to hang with.

Good-bye everybody, and if you ever want to talk to me again, get a MySpace. Add me,

-Sean Michael Maar, formerly Snowprince13

Posted March 4, 2009 by Snowprince13(sean) in Uncategorized

9 responses to “Good-Bye

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  1. Agreed I’m leaving forever too. Might seeya around Sean, nice having you. You were all good friends. Until this stupid merge. Good bye.

    Ex Rpf Warlord/Cpaf Major Ard906789

  2. cya on myspace

  3. Well it was nice knowing you Sean. We had some good times back in the day. Too bad it ended like this.. not really one of those nice goodbyes. But when you came back it just couldn’t be the same. Oh well.. You know, thinking back on it, if this had been a year or so ago, I would’ve tried to stop you from leaving and made a big scene, but now I understand. I think we all grew up a bit, it’s your time to leave anyway.

    Cya, and sorry.

  4. ……………………………………….

    *insert standing ovation here* Sean, you are a great person, and I wish you the best in life. It sucks that I’ll probably never talk to you again, but such is life. People come and people go. I won’t try to make you stay, but it’d be awesome if you did.

    I’m not saying anything, but Coff…………..

    Also, this post really does make me think. How much longer? Mmm. Such is life. Changes, choices. I guess we’ll all see soon enough, huh?

  5. hmm u unbanned me once so ur gud enough
    log out

    UPA Colonel. Agentxd360/log ps: beyonce hawt
  6. Even though you were mean to me, your still cool. Have fun..not…here

  7. Hey wow snow. Long time no see, havent seen you since holagurrl’s bribble. Wow my aim is dirkdcp aim me.

  8. lololol i rmember thr bribble times… gud times… good times

    UPA Colonel. Agentxd360/log ps: beyonce hawt

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