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Not to be a rebel or anything, but I personally don’t like the way the merge acted out. CPAF has been going for about 2 years, under the leadership of Dani. Then, in a split second decision, the name changes, the uniform changes, and Dani could possibly lose leadership. We even changed our chatbox. I just don’t like all the changes. And I’m NOT speaking for anybody.

I don’t care if you’re thinking my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m temporarily in retirement, but I believe my opinion counts just as much as the next guy’s. Just think about this. I’m not saying the merge is a BAD thing, I’m just saying I think we could have went about it in a better way. Like making a poll, asking for our opinions or something. What should you care about more? Having more troops, or having a group of dedicated friends who’ve been together since the beginning.

Make any angry comments you want, I don’t care.

~Sean (Snowprince13)

Posted February 26, 2009 by Snowprince13(sean) in Uncategorized

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  2. I agree, i sure wasent asked my opinion about this, where you?

  3. The merge is great. Cpaf never does battles

    UPA Colonel. Agentxd360/log ps: beyonce Is hot as hell
  4. I agree with snow

  5. this was a HUGE decision, it effected all of cpaf, you couldnt bother to ask EVERYONES opinion?

  6. and no I DID NOT STEAL AW. dani gave it to me.

  7. wooow 1 word : AJUST

    UPA Colonel. Agentxd360/log ps: beyonce Is hot as hell
  8. I was mostly affected how she didnt ask ANYBODIES opinion. Like a cpaf poll or somthing.

  9. I dont like the merge either.

    UPA Major General yoshisrock
  10. u no what… i dont like it either ….. — And when i dont like something— i spam that site!!! loookolloloooloookoololollooolololooloool

    UPA Colonel. Agentxd360/log ps: beyonce Is hot as hell
    • wow u were the one saying the merge was great. so i guess u said the merge is better then u and u called urself gay…….. xD

  11. XD I think we took things a little fast on the merge but i think that we just have to get used to it.

  12. lol the site is dead …

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